Friday, May 27, 2011

TMFW: For Your Information

1) I am a closet fat kid. I don't even know you yet and I can safely say I love food more than you do. However, I also love exercising.

2) I don't often care about watching sports but I love playing sports. So you might not think I'm the type, but I get really into games (it might be genetic). Please don't ever let me punch anybody...

3) I'm no good at having in-depth conversations while listening to music or when the TV is on. It might look like I'm totally focused on you but I'm really not. Luckily, both of those things can be turned off.

4) I'm not one of those kids that just hums or quietly sings while in the shower. I perform full-scale concerts. I hope you either sleep really deeply or are good at mornings...

5) Places you should never let me go by myself: the spice aisle, sports authority, music stores, costco. I could get lost in there. But if you don't let me go there by mself then I'll always take you to the temple. Deal?

I'm glad we've had this talk.

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Best and the Worst

I have a friend that's been in a treatment facility for eating disorders. She is slowly getting better and we're all so glad to see the improvements. The other day she came with my roommates to pick me up from the airport and we got to talk.

She said that many women struggle with eating disorders because their value is based on things that are transient: the constant approval and validation of others, the feeling that you are above average (comparison), or other world measures of success such as cars, boats, homes, callings etc.

Some of that comes from the way people are brought up. Sometimes we are quick to pay a compliment like this "you are the best at that!" or "you are better than everybody else on the team!" That accolade makes your value a function of others (better than, best, -est). Why can't we just tell them that they're great or awesome at it, making their value independant of others. Then, no matter whether you are the best, middle of the road, or even the last to be picked on the playground, you will still know who you are.

Most importantly, the best cure for comparison is to base your value on something more permanent. We are children of God and as such our value is based on our potential to create worlds without number. And if that definition seems a little beyond you, the fact that Heavenly Father loves you more than you can possibly imagine and will always love you with such fierceness should give you pause for thought.
Have you ever had one of those moments where you felt, even for a brief moment, how much
He loves you. I have had some of those moments and they are life changing experiences. Let's believe Him.