Saturday, January 1, 2011

1-1-11 at the AmericInn

I gradually become conscious enough to realize what time it is - "Johan, the continental breakfast closes in 10 minutes!" I put on a t-shirt, grab my glasses, skip looking in the mirror and saunter on downstairs. Somehow, I'm not really concerned what the other travellers at the AmericInn of Fargo ND think about the result of my beauty sleep. The continental breakfast was mostly what I expected, so it's lucky that they really can't mess up cheerios. I can't say the same about their version of biscuits and gravy...

As I sit down at the table next to the window, I finally allow my eyes to drift to the outside. If I was hoping to see less snow, less cold, or less wind...I was disappointed. At least the sun was out and the snowing had stopped. After being stranded two nights in this place I think I might be sinking into a depression.

Last night, for New Years Eve we found the number for the singles branch bishop and called him to see if anything was going on. We went out and met up with a group of about 9 young single adults and had a pretty good time. I'm grateful for them and how fun it was despite the fact that we barely knew them. It was probably the most unique New Years that I have ever, or will ever experience.

Currently, I'm hoping they open the roads sometime this afternoon. If not, I'll be spending my third consecutive night in North Dakota. Note: I have a list of states that I plan on never living in which includes North Dakota, Wisconsin and Nevada. Being here has confirmed my feelings on the place. Streets that you can skate on, snow drifts as high as 10-12 feet, winds up to 35 mph - what's not to love?! Everything. E v e r y t h i n g .

Well, if all else fails I can just snuggle up with my motel pillows and watch reruns of House and Bones. It's a good thing HBO and good books don't require Interstate 94.