Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Your Circle of Influence

ONE in THREE women worldwide suffers from physical, emotional or sexual abuse. Think about the impact that has on that woman and the lasting effect it has on her children (a.k.a. our world). Thoughts like that inspire me to keep working, learning and contributing to a better world in the small ways I can.

One of the ways I've been able to do that is by working with Courage to Hope, a non-profit organization dedicated to stopping domestic violence. I've been working on the board of directors since early this year and it has enriched my life. It has opened my eyes to a problem I either didn't recognize or simply ignored.

Courage to Hope is currently working locally as well as with organizations in Ukraine, where domestic violence is not punished by law and women have few, if any resources to allow escape. We are working to educate, raise awareness and award grants to fund programs and shelters that desperately need support.

In August, a team will be going to some of the shelters to analyze their needs and view the results of previous grants. The grants being given this year ($4500) will be used to provide group psychology classes for the shelter, buy 4 computers and pay a specialist to hold computer literacy courses, and provide a training program where the women are trained to do nails, so they can find employment in a beauty salon. It doesn't seem like so little money can do that much, but it goes farther in Ukraine.

I hope that you will take the opportunity to be a part of that. I know I will. You can donate $15 (the campaign is called 15-15-15) here and read about what we're doing.

No matter how modest our sphere of influence is, love and action can make it Eden.