Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Coming to Grips...

This past weekend my girlfriend's family had an event going on, so I spent the weekend with them. I was mildly nervous because the last time I met the family of a significant other...well, they hated me. I know, it's outrageous, but they did.

So I met her family and I loved them and apparently they loved me as well. Of her family, her grandma is probably my biggest fan. If things don't work between Lissy and I, her grandma might try to adopt me into the family anyway.

It turns out that of all age groups, (though I do okay in my age group)women between the age of 50 and 85 are the ones that like me the best. Reason: no clue. However, I've never been opposed to winking at/throwing an accolade in the general direction of a senior female...

Take-home message: I'm dating somebody (my age) and she is great. Also, her grandma is great.

P.S. I found this picture. If it doesn't make you laugh then you are probably reading the wrong blog.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sometimes We're Awesome

Although you might think your family is pretty cool, dear reader, you've got nothing on my family. You may think, "he doesn't know", to which I would politely say "you're drunk." Okay, truth be told, my family might not be as cool as your family, but I AM pretty sure my family could take your family. 6 efficient boys + 5 crazy girls + 7 spouses + a crop of grandkids = a world of hurt. I'm pretty sure my math is accurate (I got an A in calculus).

From now on, I'll post the proof in the form of awesome quotes that I don't want to forget. As our family reunion approaches, I get the feeling there's going to be plenty of material to go around. This one is from Hannah. If you haven't met Hannah, I'm sorry.

Hannah: Louis, I just wanted to tell you you're my favorite brother. And I love you half a jug.
Louis: What's half a jug?
Hannah: I don't know.
Louis: Well, thanks...I guess...

*Two Months Later*

Phone: ring, ring, ring
Louis: Hello?
Hannah: Hey! I miss you.
Louis: I miss you too.
Hannah: I love you a whole bucket full.
Louis: Wow, thanks Hannah! I love you too!