Saturday, March 27, 2010

Desperate times...

Sometimes there are those weeks where it feels a little like everything is caving in on top of you. I had one of those weeks. It all started when I went to look at my research plants and they had all turned rust red. FYI, green plants should never turn rust red over a weekend. Then I got some really crappy news that almost made me give up on medical school. *Cue the avalanche of little and big things alike*

One day I was talking with classmates about PhD applications and I suddenly wanted to climb atop my desk and yell, jumping up and down, "I don't want to be a PhD!" I didn't do it, but the fact that I thought about it should tell you what type of week it was. Joking aside, I was just about to give up.

Amidst it all I felt the impression that it wasn't as bad as I thought. One by one the things that felt like they were going to crush me were slowly lifted off or made lighter. Sitting there at the end of the week I remembered how much I love life and love challenges. They make me try harder and be something more.

Every once in a while you have those dark moments where you are tested and tried a little, but if you hold on tight and do everything within your power to learn from it, the sunrise will be worth every moment of it. So I had a rough week, but I needed it.

The Church really is true and the sun always rises.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

"If ye are prepared..."

This is an incredible story about one of the mission presidents from Santiago. The president and his wife head the Santiago East mission and were there during the earthquake. The president's wife woke up at 4:00 am with the distinct impression "There is going to be an earthquake. Prepare your missionaries." She and her husband followed that warning and prepared themselves and all of the missionaries. Here is the story.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Ol' Man Winter seems to be doing what he does best - trying to ruin my life. In order to preserve his menacing hold on my love for the outdoors, he has now engaged in a tango with spring. In this delicate, and somewhat risqué tango it is almost impossible to distinguish winter from spring. Example: I go to school in the sun and I walk home with sleet and slush falling from the sky - on me. I'm angry.

As I walk home in the slush and sleet, my mind naturally drifts to creative ways of combining the words winter and spring. Spr-inter? No, that makes me think about the Olympics, which are good. Win-ing? Winning? It's ironic. I'm walking home from school in march while being bombarded with sleet and slush. It's ironic because nobody wins.

Take-home message: spring better get it together and find a new dance partner or she's going to get caught in the crossfire when I have ol' man winter offed. Also, dancing that close is probably against the honor code.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Me vs. Organic Chemistry

I would like the whole world to know that I just destroyed my organic chemistry test. If my test were Goliath and I were David, then I would have just hit him so hard that all of his posterity would have died along with him, his parents would have wept bitterly, all his ancestors turned over in their graves, and all his comrades would have lost 10 years of their lives due to the fear. Yea verily, there was a terrible cry as I lifted my sword to slay the beast and a deafening silence as my sword reached its mark.

I got an A on my last organic chemistry test but only by a small margin. I have not gotten this test back because I just took it and it's written. However, I feel confident in saying that I win. So, organic chemistry - 0, Louis Peterson - 2. Suck on that Dr. Savage (that is his real name :)

Warning: results uncommon without a healthy diet, regular exercise, and faithfully studying your brains out.