Friday, January 15, 2010

Julie Andrews?

Dear readers,

I have had some fantastic experiences in my new ward. As everybody loves to laugh, I feel that sharing is caring. And yes, the following really did happen.

I was sitting at break the fast with my roommate/wingman Ben Bukey eating my sandwich when this scene unfolded before me. A random guy sitting on the other side of the table from us introduced himself and asked us our names. Hezekiah (name has been changed), seemed like a normal guy except for the mustache (lip sweater) that he was sporting. I can forgive him for the mustache. However...

As soon as he had introduced himself he fielded us a question that made it quite clear why he is not married (I would even venture to say why he never gets second dates). He asked "If you could fight any musician in the history of the world, who would it be?" I gave him the only real answer to that question - "Julie Andrews. Yeah, she's had it coming for a long time."

I thought that was hilarious, but that isn't really who I would fight. He thought I was mocking him for obvious reasons.

My real answer would probably be Toby Keith or Yoko Ono. Your thoughts on the matter?

*Disclaimer: I don't think fighting musicians is a wise use of time.

Monday, January 4, 2010

My Favorites

I had quite the christmas this year. It began with my dad picking me up and driving to Washington state for Kohl's baptism and Aldus' ordenation to the priesthood. It was really fun to see everybody in Tacoma and be able to attend those special events. Then, we drove home to Minnesota through fog, ice, wind and snow to be with some of my other siblings and family. These are some favorite moments:

  • In Washington, my nephew Finn (almost 3) was changing his clothes because he had wet himself during his nap. We were sitting on the couch with his Mom and she suggested (knowing what his response might be) that he should change on the other side of the couch so not everybody could see him. He giggled and said "why?" What do you say to that?
  • Seeing my parents quietly holding hands as we read the scriptures as a family.
  • Winking at the old ladies in my branch at home.
  • Throwing compliments out to the same older ladies and seeing them smile (priceless).
  • I had a bet going with my brother as to which of us would have to sit by the most annoying savages on the plane to Utah. My brother sat beside a young mother and nice kid. I sat between a complete drunk lady on one side and a very talkative and opinionated gay guy on the other. They argued/talked for 3 hours straight (not joking). The best part: Every single time Mr. Sandman and I attempted to escape their heinous conversation, the drunk lady would crack a joke about mormons and nudge me in the ribs. Now I see the comical nature of the situation. Needless to say, I lost the bet.
  • Getting to see every single one of my nieces and nephews and all my siblings during the christmas break (except my missionary brother).

Thanks to my family for a couple great weeks. Happy new year! I wish you all a wonderful 2010.