Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pedestrians and Rapists

We'd just had a movie night at my house and one of my friends was going to walk home by herself. Sometimes she doesn't let me walk her home so I tell her to text me when she gets home and to call me in case she gets attacked (that second part is more of a joke). Anyway, I thought it would be gentlemanly of me to walk with her, so I caught up to her. At this point I see an average looking guy/student walking toward us in the darkness.

My friend, in mild protest, says "you don't have to walk me home". Average looking kid still approaching. I said "yes I do." Now he is almost to us. She then jokingly says "I haven't been raped yet have I?" It took me about 1.5 seconds to think about jokingly saying to her "that guy right there could have attacked you", and it took me .5 seconds to decide that joke would be inappropriate. Luckily, average kid didn't even blink.

Average looking kid responds by saying "not yet..." as he casually walks past us on the dark street. Thank you average kid. Thank you. We laughed out loud because the situation seemed to call for it. Everything about it was hilarious rather than creepy. However, it illustrates the point that even in Provo, girls should be more careful.

Another day I was driving home from choir practice in the cold and snow and saw a guy and girl from my choir, walking home together. Because there was a guy there I felt comfortable asking if I could give them a ride. The guy said no and the girl said yes. It was at this point that I started to feel awkward. She got in and I drove her home, but I wondered at the fact that she would just get in the car with an almost complete stranger. I'd only seen her at choir.

Really?! Pull it together and be safer.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lifting Where We Stand

This is by far one of my favorite videos on the mormon messages site. I am so grateful for people whose influence lifts others, like the older boy in this video.

Some people don't say a word, they might just simply smile, but their influence is profound. Just by being at your side they bring you closer to Christ. Especially during this time of year, be that person. Reach out and let your light shine.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Good Samaritan, Bad Samaritan

You know those moments when the very best in you comes out and you think to yourself "why can't I be that great all the time?" you know those moments? This was't one of them.

My friend, who we'll call Maude, called to ask me for a favor. She'd locked her keys in her car at her work in Orem. She wondered if I could take her husband, who had the other key, to get the car after his class. I said yes.

On my way, I noticed my gas tank was a little low so I decided to be on the safe side and fill 'er up. That's exactly where things went wrong. I parked at a gas station right beside campus and gently hummed to myself as I got out of the vehicle (I tend to do that). Just as I was about to shut the door, my phone began screaming at me. In the shuffle to get out my phone and answer it, I dropped my keys in the door of the car I was shutting - locked. As I heard the slam of the door and my eyes drifted to the locked locks, my eyes widened and the tune I was humming stopped abruptly. My greeting to the caller was not the cheeriest.

Turns out the Provo police won't unlock your car, and BYU police will only unlock your car if it's on campus. Sadly, I missed that mark by 20 feet.

Of course, the irony of the situation didn't fully hit until I explained to the locksmith that I'd locked the keys in my car while taking a friend to get their keys out of their car. He laughed, my friends laughed, I laughed. You have to admit, it was funny.

Goal for next time: try not to be a bad samaritan. Also, next time I lock my keys in my car I will be doing it on campus.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Planning for the Future

Okay, I realize that some of this might be based on conjecture, but in case I'm right I'd like to be ahead of the game.

I figure that all of those times in the bible and the other standard works when it refers to "mansions in heaven", that they're actually being serious. Even if they aren't necessarily Pemberley or Schloss Neuschwanstein Castle, I get the feeling that we won't need to worry about housing. Having said that, neighbors are another thing.

Everybody who makes it is going to be pretty darn cool, but there are some people that I've met in life that I would like have on my block. My friend Jesslyn and I have formed a group called the "Celestial Cul-de-Sac", and we are currently taking applications. At our last official meeting we decided that Abraham had what we were looking for, so we had to deny Moses. In another landmark decision, J. Golden Kimball's spot was given away in favor of our dear friend Ben. Feelings may have been hurt.

For those rejected applicants whose awesomeness is sufficiently awesome, we afford them the option of sharing a back fence with one of us, or digging a tunnel to connect our basements. After all, sharing is caring. The picture is an artist's rendering of our potential development. We'll probably have to run it by somebody first though...

In any case, spots are filling up (mine is the one at the top with the nice pool).

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Maybe. Maybe Not.

Dear Reader,

Do you ever have one of those days where you can't speak english...or any other language? Yeah, me too.

There just happens to be a girl at one of my jobs that I like (attraction level: 10/10). We'll call her Beyonce. However, there just also happens to be a disease called can't-say-what-you-want-to-when-you-want-to-itis. I have it real bad. And I think it might be terminal.

First of all, let me just say that I believe I'm funny and well-read; if any of you want to dispute that I will fight you. However, every time my secret lover/coworker goes to leave for the day I try to say something funny and all that comes out is something that sounds like finnish (she doesn't speak finnish)(neither do I). She then gives me a laugh that shows she doesn't understand a word I said, and I slowly turn around and rest/bang my head on the keyboard.

Just before writing this blog I said something as she left that sounded more like Danish (slightly closer to English...), but based on her laugh, I'm assuming she doesn't speak danish either. Somedays I'm awesome, I just have this disease where I'm never awesome around her. If this were real paper this would be the part that was wrinkled by bitter tears.



Tuesday, October 26, 2010

iHear, iShare

I love music. I love it alot. I hear some songs and I stop whatever I'm doing and listen because they're awesome. I wanted to share a few of my current favorites and some that will never get old.

New Additions:
Heartbeats - John Gonzalez
Skinny Love - Bon Iver
Blood Bank - Bon Iver
Sitting on the Dock of the Bay - Sara Bareilles
Hallelujah - MaMuse
Farewell - Rosie Thomas
Sugarcane - Missy Higgins
Crossfire - Brandon Flowers
Us - Regina Spektor
Eveningland - Hem
Doubting Thomas - Nickel Creek
I Was Made for Sunny Days - The Weepies
Lost - Coldplay and Jay Z

Never Get Old:
Breakable - Ingrid Michaelson
World Spins Madly On - The Weepies

I hope you all appreciate these as much as I do. If not, well...you're dead to me (in a very real, very legally binding sense).

Friday, October 22, 2010

Early Resolutions

I made a new years resolution that I'm only allowed to dislike (alot) one person per year. Don't worry, I've already got 2010 covered. Let me tell you about this year's prestigious winner:

1) I used to see him about every day and he would ignore me every day (the occasional nod in my direction was the exception). The only time he would actually see me was when he came to hometeach me. And yes, he was my hometeacher. Needless to say, his visits on the last night of the month weren't exactly life changing. Don't worry, my self esteem remains .

2) He wasn't the clear winner for 2010 until an occurrence that took place about two weeks ago. He'd moved out of our ward by this time and I hadn't seen him for a while - maybe I forgot how much of a tool he was. I was walking through the bookstore and having a particularly nice day when I saw him walking towards me. He turned and looked me in the face and I smiled and said hi. He said nothing and turned away. Note: I say hello to people because it's nice, not because I think they're awesome.

3) I was sitting down by a friend (who is a girl) and talking with her at a ward function. He left the group of girls he was talking to and sat down beside this girl, ignored me completely and began a conversation with her that demanded her undivided attention because of continuous questions. I made my exit.

So, without further ado, the 2010 "Waste of Skin" Award goes to the most worthless hometeacher of all time.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Penguin Launchers

I may have stumbled upon another trump card (something you can't help smiling at no matter how messed up your day was). There I was, minding my business and getting ready for the day. I grabbed my box of cheerios and headed for the table with my 2% milk and bowl. I opened the box and began to pour, but I got more than I bargained for. Suddenly there was a "collector's series prize" sitting in my bowl. Shocked, I carefully examined the UFO. Then it hit me: I'm a winner!

I don't know what it is about finding a prize in my cereal box, but I don't plan on getting tired of it anytime soon. I felt like a little kid.

Switching to the (serious) moral: have you ever sung the extra verses to If You Could Hie to Kolob? There is one lyric that says "there is no end to youth". Is your mirror sending you the same message? Probably not (your mirror isn't lying to you, put the hammer down). The truth is our spirit doesn't age with our bodies. Our body decays, but our spirit is eternal. Some people become as stiff, tired and old as their bodies, forgetting they live on after this life. Others mature, but never grow old.

Maturing, I think, means knowing how to respond to every circumstance life presents. Growing old, I think, means forgetting how to play with kids or relate to a teenager. So, maybe I won't be able to jump up and down at the age of 80, but hopefully I'll still giggle when I find a penguin launcher in my cereal.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Kick him in the Shins!

I may or may not be experiencing a funk. In order to counteract this I set a goal last week to exercise every day, instead of the normal one or two days during the week. At 6:30 AM the alarm sounded and my head instantly reminded me how late I'd stayed up. Like a snake in the grass, the thought crept in "well...maybe I could skip exercising just for today...." Fractions of a second later my alarm was reset for some distant time and I was playing cards with Mr. Sandman. (Repeat tuesday - friday) Epic Fail.

After a particularly inspiring weekend I decided to make this goal a reality, whatever the cost. I should've known it would be a fight.

I left a party sunday night before it even started so I'd be in bed by 10:30. I get home and realize my bed sheets are still soaking wet in the washer. Crap. Put them in the drier and get ready for bed in the meantime. I'm not going down that easy. Finally I get to bed at 11:45, bracing myself for the pain I'm going to feel at 6:30.

6:30 - alarm sounds, pain registers, fight through it and begin grabbing my stuff for swimming.
6:35 - goggles are nowhere to be found. I'll have to find my roommate at the library and get them from him. Pool closes at 7:30, I can still make it (pace quickens).
6:40 - Can't find car keys anywhere. Oh wait, there they are...locked inside my car. Slowly sigh and lower my head.

This is the point where my friend told me she kicks satan in the shins and moves on. So, I do.

6:45 - Put on my jogging shoes and go running instead.
7:20 - Arrive home feeling like a million bucks.

Victory!!! However, when I arrived home I got completely ready for the day then fell dead-asleep. So, maybe I missed class...but that'll be my goal for next week.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Rainy days and Sundays never get ME down

Today I was sitting in the chemistry computer lab, surrounded by people that I judged. Maybe it was the uninterrupted gazing at their computers, maybe it was the collective appearance, but the place smelled strongly of nerd. Reluctantly, I entered the room and began working on chemistry. Was I happy? No, not in the strict sense of the term. Mind you, I too am a nerd, but I am fighting the disease. Let's just say this room was crawling with the infection.
I have a list of trump cards in life. By that I mean, no matter how terrible the day is these things will bring a smile to my face. For example: fresh cut grass in the spring, swimming laps, holding babies, a call from my little sister, winning the lottery, watching the three stooges etc. The list is long enough that I find myself smiling alot. While sitting in that sess pool of nerdiness, I experienced two of them.

Somewhere between hydrogen nuclear magnetic resonance and the Canizarro reaction I heard the tell-tale crack of thunder. I. Love. Rain. I ran outside just to sit and watch the rain pour down. As I was walking along I felt the rain seeping into my shoes and laughed out loud. I grew up in rainy washington state, and stuff like that makes me feel like a little kid again.

Before I ditched that room, I heard a girl behind me sigh. I made a comment about how much I loved the rain and she responded "On rainy days, all I want to do is watch 10 Things I Hate About You and eat popcorn." Perhaps I was staring with my mouth open, I can't remember, but sensing I might be judging her, she added "not just any popcorn, kettle corn." Now I'm sure my mouth was open. Breaking the ice, she told me her name was Sunny. I said my name was Louis. She said "This is going to be a great frienship, I can tell." I slowly took out my list of trump cards and added hilarious/crazy asian girls, then I smiled.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Your Circle of Influence

ONE in THREE women worldwide suffers from physical, emotional or sexual abuse. Think about the impact that has on that woman and the lasting effect it has on her children (a.k.a. our world). Thoughts like that inspire me to keep working, learning and contributing to a better world in the small ways I can.

One of the ways I've been able to do that is by working with Courage to Hope, a non-profit organization dedicated to stopping domestic violence. I've been working on the board of directors since early this year and it has enriched my life. It has opened my eyes to a problem I either didn't recognize or simply ignored.

Courage to Hope is currently working locally as well as with organizations in Ukraine, where domestic violence is not punished by law and women have few, if any resources to allow escape. We are working to educate, raise awareness and award grants to fund programs and shelters that desperately need support.

In August, a team will be going to some of the shelters to analyze their needs and view the results of previous grants. The grants being given this year ($4500) will be used to provide group psychology classes for the shelter, buy 4 computers and pay a specialist to hold computer literacy courses, and provide a training program where the women are trained to do nails, so they can find employment in a beauty salon. It doesn't seem like so little money can do that much, but it goes farther in Ukraine.

I hope that you will take the opportunity to be a part of that. I know I will. You can donate $15 (the campaign is called 15-15-15) here and read about what we're doing.

No matter how modest our sphere of influence is, love and action can make it Eden.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Quote of the Day

I saw this quote on the wall in the BYU lost and found (a place I know well). I later discovered that the quote is from Jack Handy.

"If you ever catch on fire, try to avoid seeing yourself in the mirror, because I bet that's what REALLY throws you into a panic."

I hope you smiled and I also hope you are enjoying summer.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Coming to Grips...

This past weekend my girlfriend's family had an event going on, so I spent the weekend with them. I was mildly nervous because the last time I met the family of a significant other...well, they hated me. I know, it's outrageous, but they did.

So I met her family and I loved them and apparently they loved me as well. Of her family, her grandma is probably my biggest fan. If things don't work between Lissy and I, her grandma might try to adopt me into the family anyway.

It turns out that of all age groups, (though I do okay in my age group)women between the age of 50 and 85 are the ones that like me the best. Reason: no clue. However, I've never been opposed to winking at/throwing an accolade in the general direction of a senior female...

Take-home message: I'm dating somebody (my age) and she is great. Also, her grandma is great.

P.S. I found this picture. If it doesn't make you laugh then you are probably reading the wrong blog.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sometimes We're Awesome

Although you might think your family is pretty cool, dear reader, you've got nothing on my family. You may think, "he doesn't know", to which I would politely say "you're drunk." Okay, truth be told, my family might not be as cool as your family, but I AM pretty sure my family could take your family. 6 efficient boys + 5 crazy girls + 7 spouses + a crop of grandkids = a world of hurt. I'm pretty sure my math is accurate (I got an A in calculus).

From now on, I'll post the proof in the form of awesome quotes that I don't want to forget. As our family reunion approaches, I get the feeling there's going to be plenty of material to go around. This one is from Hannah. If you haven't met Hannah, I'm sorry.

Hannah: Louis, I just wanted to tell you you're my favorite brother. And I love you half a jug.
Louis: What's half a jug?
Hannah: I don't know.
Louis: Well, thanks...I guess...

*Two Months Later*

Phone: ring, ring, ring
Louis: Hello?
Hannah: Hey! I miss you.
Louis: I miss you too.
Hannah: I love you a whole bucket full.
Louis: Wow, thanks Hannah! I love you too!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Nightstands and Sundays

"It is both relaxing and invigorating to occasionally set aside the worries of life, seek the company of a friendly book...from the reading of 'good books' there comes a richness of life that can be obtained in no other way." -President Gordon B. Hinckley-

I love reading, and I'm not talking about textbooks. Textbooks and homework can be interesting sometimes, but microbiology isn't what I would refer to as a "page-turner". So, in order to read more, I set a goal and formed a plan. This time, it has worked.

  • The Goal: read more of the books piling up on the lengthy list entitled "someday". Read them now.
  • The Plan: rent a book from the library, buy one from the store or borrow it from a friend so there's always a book on my nightstand. This friendly book gets read on sundays and, when I have time, before bed.
The last few books I've read: Three Cups of Tea, Man's Search for Meaning, The Screwtape Letters, Mormon Scientist. In order to keep a book on my shelf, today I invested in "The Complete C. S. Lewis Signature Classics"! I'm pretty excited.
So, Mere Christianity...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Position Open

Needed: somebody to nurse me back to health by telling me funny stories and making me delicious soups.

Qualifications: applicants must be able to make delicious soups and tell funny stories. We reserve the right to discriminate against those of the male gender. Also, those who believe that Campbell's knows how to make delicious soups will immediately be shown the door.

Pay: blessings in heaven. Your monetary remunerations will be given in the form of imaginary "blessing tokens" which can be exchanged for more tangible things ("...that there shall not be room enough to receive it.").

Contact: interested (and qualified) individuals should look for the guy in the Genetics and Biotechnology lab who looks like death; I'm wearing a green shirt). Bring soup samples.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Desperate times...

Sometimes there are those weeks where it feels a little like everything is caving in on top of you. I had one of those weeks. It all started when I went to look at my research plants and they had all turned rust red. FYI, green plants should never turn rust red over a weekend. Then I got some really crappy news that almost made me give up on medical school. *Cue the avalanche of little and big things alike*

One day I was talking with classmates about PhD applications and I suddenly wanted to climb atop my desk and yell, jumping up and down, "I don't want to be a PhD!" I didn't do it, but the fact that I thought about it should tell you what type of week it was. Joking aside, I was just about to give up.

Amidst it all I felt the impression that it wasn't as bad as I thought. One by one the things that felt like they were going to crush me were slowly lifted off or made lighter. Sitting there at the end of the week I remembered how much I love life and love challenges. They make me try harder and be something more.

Every once in a while you have those dark moments where you are tested and tried a little, but if you hold on tight and do everything within your power to learn from it, the sunrise will be worth every moment of it. So I had a rough week, but I needed it.

The Church really is true and the sun always rises.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

"If ye are prepared..."

This is an incredible story about one of the mission presidents from Santiago. The president and his wife head the Santiago East mission and were there during the earthquake. The president's wife woke up at 4:00 am with the distinct impression "There is going to be an earthquake. Prepare your missionaries." She and her husband followed that warning and prepared themselves and all of the missionaries. Here is the story.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Ol' Man Winter seems to be doing what he does best - trying to ruin my life. In order to preserve his menacing hold on my love for the outdoors, he has now engaged in a tango with spring. In this delicate, and somewhat risqué tango it is almost impossible to distinguish winter from spring. Example: I go to school in the sun and I walk home with sleet and slush falling from the sky - on me. I'm angry.

As I walk home in the slush and sleet, my mind naturally drifts to creative ways of combining the words winter and spring. Spr-inter? No, that makes me think about the Olympics, which are good. Win-ing? Winning? It's ironic. I'm walking home from school in march while being bombarded with sleet and slush. It's ironic because nobody wins.

Take-home message: spring better get it together and find a new dance partner or she's going to get caught in the crossfire when I have ol' man winter offed. Also, dancing that close is probably against the honor code.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Me vs. Organic Chemistry

I would like the whole world to know that I just destroyed my organic chemistry test. If my test were Goliath and I were David, then I would have just hit him so hard that all of his posterity would have died along with him, his parents would have wept bitterly, all his ancestors turned over in their graves, and all his comrades would have lost 10 years of their lives due to the fear. Yea verily, there was a terrible cry as I lifted my sword to slay the beast and a deafening silence as my sword reached its mark.

I got an A on my last organic chemistry test but only by a small margin. I have not gotten this test back because I just took it and it's written. However, I feel confident in saying that I win. So, organic chemistry - 0, Louis Peterson - 2. Suck on that Dr. Savage (that is his real name :)

Warning: results uncommon without a healthy diet, regular exercise, and faithfully studying your brains out.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Without Fail

I rarely get angry at people. Sometimes I get frustrated with people, but rarely do I get angry. Recently I got angry at a professor. Instead of yelling or defacing his car, I took the higher road - blogging.

Every single time I get angry at people I inevitably get called to repentance immediately. One example is the time I got super angry at my brothers and verbally raked them over the coals right before the priesthood session of general conference. First talk - President Hinckley speaks on anger. I took the time to repent.

The other day I blogged about my professor always using powerpoints and the last two classes he has lectured exclusively from the chalkboard. LOL. During that lecture he also explained the concepts in greater depth. They were good lectures.

After class, I talked to him about his e-mail and my test and he said the e-mail was not meant for me. He had regraded 46 tests that were for a difference of 1 point. That would have driven anybody to the brink. Again, I took the time to repent.

I might not agree with the way my professor teaches, but I no longer think he is a worthless savage.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

War Path

I'd like to take a moment to discuss a heinous method of teaching: the minimalist approach (I just made up that phrase). This is the reason I've been on the war path. I won't name names. I'll hate the sin...not the sinner.

Grievance #1: I have a professor who comes to class and lectures based only on powerpoints. He hasn't made any revisions in his slides nor made the effort to remove the slides he tells us to cross out. He took the pre-made slides from the publisher and has been using those ever since. I. Hate. That. Lecture slides are useful to a point. Chalkboards are my preferred method of teaching. Also white boards. They induce people to take notes.

If your teacher only says what is already written in your book then your tuition should be dropped down to the price of the text.

Grievance #2: This teacher shows up late every single lecture. The other day I walked out of class to get a drink just before class was supposed to start. As I was walking, I saw my professor saunter on into the building dressed in his winter gear. He was just arriving. Some professors take time before lecture to actually prepare. He didn't even start class until five minutes after the hour. That is a regular occurrence.

Grievance #3: This is the big one. I asked him twice about looking at two of my questions from our last test. He delayed until finally telling me to just turn in my test for him to look at. I did so. Later that day he sent an e-mail telling students he reserved the right to review the entire test to make sure he felt "comfortable" with all questions that were graded. He advised against submitting for a regrade because students might end up with lower scores than they were originally given. Wait, what? Is it just me or does it seem like this guy is trying to discourage people from asking questions. In his defense, maybe he's working on beating his personal best at solitaire during his office hours.

He is not a powerful teacher. I hate that I payed to get a letter on my transcript and an expensive book on my shelf. I would rather have learned something.

Also, if he lowers my score I won't be held responsible for the things I say...after the final.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Casual Suggestion

I tend to be on campus a lot. Sometimes "a lot" means until 3:00 am. Sometimes it means I spend 6-8 uninterrupted hours in the library. I don't think I am crazy and I think that a lot of students do that on occasion. So, I do things to avoid going crazy.

I have two favorite ways of taking breaks in the library:
1) I use my ID card to check out a pair of headphones and every time I feel my brain beginning to wither I pull them out and listen to some of my favorite tunes. Today that has meant the soundtrack from the new Pride and Prejudice. Say what you will about the movie, but I love that music.
2) I use the aforementioned headphones during the aforementioned periods of brain withering to watch mormon messages on Youtube. If you have not gone to the mormon messages page I suggest that you do so now. One of my favorites is the one about a story President Hinckley's dad used to tell. They are uplifting. They are inspired. They are our resource.

If I happen to be in my laboratory on one of those late or long night I consult my dear friend pandora for needed sanity. If there is nobody else there that means I can turn it up as loud as I want. I might even dance on occasion while waiting for my stuff to finish. Good thing there are no cameras to document that one.

Whatever the case, I find that there are ways to keep my sanity well in hand. Though, I guess that depends on whether you think I'm sane in the first place.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Shakespeare and Mice

Today I may have met the next Shakespeare. I tutor kids who are below their reading level. Right now I am working with an eight year-old named Sebastian who has great plans for the future.

We were sitting there talking about our lives when I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up. He leaned back in his chair, looked me square in the eyes and spoke as though his plan were more structured than the empire state building. He said "I'm going to do two things. I am going to be a helicopter pilot, and a writer." I was obviously intrigued. I asked him what made him want to be an author. He said " I've got ideas for some books I'm going to write. I'll tell you them. The first one is called 'The Alligator and the Mouse'. Then I'm going to write 'The Alligator and the Mouse 2'. I'll probably keep going through about 10 of those. Then I'll write 'The Ground Hog and the Mouse'. They all will have to have a mouse in them."

I would like to point out that I didn't laugh once. Not once. After that he told me who he was going to have illustrate the books and talked about what he would do once he was rich and famous. I get the feeling I am going to really enjoy working with this kid. Who knows, maybe he will be kind to me someday when he is super rich and ultra famous for his mice books.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Julie Andrews?

Dear readers,

I have had some fantastic experiences in my new ward. As everybody loves to laugh, I feel that sharing is caring. And yes, the following really did happen.

I was sitting at break the fast with my roommate/wingman Ben Bukey eating my sandwich when this scene unfolded before me. A random guy sitting on the other side of the table from us introduced himself and asked us our names. Hezekiah (name has been changed), seemed like a normal guy except for the mustache (lip sweater) that he was sporting. I can forgive him for the mustache. However...

As soon as he had introduced himself he fielded us a question that made it quite clear why he is not married (I would even venture to say why he never gets second dates). He asked "If you could fight any musician in the history of the world, who would it be?" I gave him the only real answer to that question - "Julie Andrews. Yeah, she's had it coming for a long time."

I thought that was hilarious, but that isn't really who I would fight. He thought I was mocking him for obvious reasons.

My real answer would probably be Toby Keith or Yoko Ono. Your thoughts on the matter?

*Disclaimer: I don't think fighting musicians is a wise use of time.

Monday, January 4, 2010

My Favorites

I had quite the christmas this year. It began with my dad picking me up and driving to Washington state for Kohl's baptism and Aldus' ordenation to the priesthood. It was really fun to see everybody in Tacoma and be able to attend those special events. Then, we drove home to Minnesota through fog, ice, wind and snow to be with some of my other siblings and family. These are some favorite moments:

  • In Washington, my nephew Finn (almost 3) was changing his clothes because he had wet himself during his nap. We were sitting on the couch with his Mom and she suggested (knowing what his response might be) that he should change on the other side of the couch so not everybody could see him. He giggled and said "why?" What do you say to that?
  • Seeing my parents quietly holding hands as we read the scriptures as a family.
  • Winking at the old ladies in my branch at home.
  • Throwing compliments out to the same older ladies and seeing them smile (priceless).
  • I had a bet going with my brother as to which of us would have to sit by the most annoying savages on the plane to Utah. My brother sat beside a young mother and nice kid. I sat between a complete drunk lady on one side and a very talkative and opinionated gay guy on the other. They argued/talked for 3 hours straight (not joking). The best part: Every single time Mr. Sandman and I attempted to escape their heinous conversation, the drunk lady would crack a joke about mormons and nudge me in the ribs. Now I see the comical nature of the situation. Needless to say, I lost the bet.
  • Getting to see every single one of my nieces and nephews and all my siblings during the christmas break (except my missionary brother).

Thanks to my family for a couple great weeks. Happy new year! I wish you all a wonderful 2010.